AWS Security Groups

  • Security Groups are the fundamental of network security in AWS​.​
  • They allow us to manage and control, how traffic should be allowed into or out of our AWS services created.​
  • It states how to use security groups to allow, inbound and outbound ports. It simply acts as an “firewall” on AWS services
AWS Security Group sits between you and AWS services and act as a firewall to allow or deny access based on port numbers

Security Group Features

Security group regulates:

  • Access to Ports
  • Authorized IP ranges – IPv4 and IPv6
  • Control of inbound network (from other to the instance)
  • Control of outbound network (from the instance to other)

Additional features to know

  • One security group can be attached to multiple instances
  • It’s good to maintain one separate security group for SSH access
  • If your application is not accessible (time out), then it’s a security group issue.
  • If your application gives a “connection refused“ error, then it’s an application error or it’s not launched.
  • All inbound traffic is blocked by default.
  • All outbound traffic is authorized by default.