Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a service which allow you to allocate IP address to all the client computers automatically.

DHCP process

DHCP uses DORA process. DORA stands for Discover, Offer, Request and Acknowledge.

  1. Discover: The client discovers the DHCP server(s).

  2. Offer
    : The server offers an address lease to the client.

  3. Request
    : The client picks one of the offers that it has received and requests that address be assigned.

  4. Acknowledge
    : The server acknowledges the request, committing to the lease.


DHCP in Windows Server

  • DHCP consists of scope in Windows Server
  • Scope is nothing but the area where you will configure the DHCP services
  • It has IP address pool. Exclusion Range, Lease Time and Reservation sections for configuration.

IP Address Pool

  • It is a range of IP address you want to configure in DHCP.

Exclusion Range

  • You can exclude the range of IP address assigned for allocation and keep it for future use.

Lease Time

  • It is a time the IP address will be allocated to the computer. After the lease time is over DHCP assigns the new IP available from the pool


  • Using reservation you can allocate specific IP address to the client computer with the help of clients MAC address. All you need to provide the MAC address of client computer and the IP address you want to allocate.